"Novitzky/Dawson" a double bill in Stuttgart

"Novitzky/Dawson" a double bill in Stuttgart
Roman Novitzky and David Dawson (ph. Roman Novitzky-Oliver Look)

STUTTGART On June 28, 2024, two major world premieres by choreographers Roman Novitzky and David Dawson will take place at the opera house of the State Theaters Stuttgart. Commissioned by Artistic Director Tamas Detrich, these two contemporary artists have created new works for a double bill titled NOVITZKY/DAWSON.

Roman Novitzky is Artist in Residence of the Stuttgart Ballet. Born in Slovakia, he is a storyteller who uses contemporary choreography to look beneath the surface, translating his thoughts and feelings into dance in a profound and reflective way. For The Place of Choice, he draws inspiration from Dante's “Divine Comedy”. Deviating from Dante's sequence, Novitzky's main character moves from paradise through purgatory to hell. By incorporating classical pieces by composers such as Franz Schubert into a commissioned composition by Henry Vega, Novitzky creates a link between past and present. With his new piece he poses the question: what choices are we making and where are we heading as humanity? The set design for The Place of Choice is by Yaron Abulafia, the costumeswere created by Aliki Tsakalou.

David Dawson is one of the leading dance makers working in classical ballet today and has been creating for major companies worldwide for over 20 years. Symphony No. 2 is his first creation the Stuttgart Ballet. Set to Ezio Bosso’s Symphony No. 2, Under the trees’voices and inspired by the works of the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke, Dawson takes the dancers of the Stuttgart Ballet, whom he describes as “pure gold”, to the limits of whatis possible. With a view to the many conflicts and problems in the world today, Dawson intends to create a dance counterweight of pure beauty and joy. The costumes for Symphony No. 2 are by Yumiko Takeshima, the set design by Eno Henze.


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