Crystal Pite and Marcos Morau for the Staatsballett Berlin: "Overture"

Crystal Pite and Marcos Morau for the Staatsballett Berlin: "Overture"
"Overture" (ph Serghei Gherciu)

BERLIN The Staatsballett Berlin presents the premiere Overture, a two-part evening on April 28, 2024 at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, bringing together works by Marcos Morau and Crystal Pite. The new "Artist in Residence" Marcos Morau is creating his first work for Berlin. And Canadian choreographer Crystal Pite is also presenting her work Angels' Atlas for the first time at the Staatsballett.

Spanish artist Marcos Morau has gained recognition for his visually striking productions and has achieved international success with his own experimental dance and artist group La Veronal. For his creation Overture, he uses Gustav Mahler's 5th Symphony, interpreted by the Staatskapelle Berlin under the direction of Marius Stravinsky, focusing on new beginnings. "I am intrigued by the question of how long a culture and society can survive without change. What happens when the new generation no longer initiates change?" The stage design (Max Glaenzel) conveys this idea in the form of ancient temple columns, symbolizing the beginning of civilization, and the costume design (Silvia Delagneau) also references traditions and folklore.


Canadian Crystal Pite is known for her exhilarating and unique works and is being awarded with a variety of international prizes. The ballet Angels' Atlas from 2020 unfolds before a constantly changing light installation (lighting: Tom Visser), a vast, unrecognizable landscape of light and matter (stage: Jay Gower Taylor). Against this fantastically enchanting backdrop, the dancing bodies become a symbol of human transience and vitality at the same time. Based on the commissioned music by Owen Belton and choral works by Peter I. Tchaikovsky and Morten Lauridsen, Angels' Atlas is a profound work that Crystal Pite directs with her usual mastery using the means of classical and modern dance for a large ensemble.

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