William Forsythe triple bill with the Staatsballett Berlin

The Staatsballett Berlin will present a tribute to the American choreographer on February 16th at the Deutsche Oper Berlin.

William Forsythe triple bill with the Staatsballett Berlin
Michelle Willems in Forsythe’s "Blake Works I"

BERLIN The Staatsballett Berlin will present a tribute to the groundbreaking American choreographer William Forsythe on February 16, 2024, at the Deutsche Oper Berlin. The performance will feature three influential pieces by Forsythe. Since the 1970s, he has revolutionized dance by intelligently advancing classical ballet, and many of his virtuosic compositions have become modern classics. Forsythe himself will rehearse his three works with the dancers of the Staatsballett Berlin. 

Approximate Sonata, which roughly translates to "Almost Sonata," challenges the elements of the pas de deux with four couples in an ironic manner. The Staatsballett Berlin will perform the 2016 version of Approximate Sonata, originally created for the Paris Opera Ballet.

One Flat Thing, reproduced - premiered in 2000 with the Frankfurt Ballet - takes 20 perfectly arranged tables and music by Thom Willems as its starting point. The increasingly dense choreography reaches its climax in the apparent chaos of bodies and tables. It is rightly considered one of the choreographer's most popular masterpieces.

In Blake Works I, Forsythe explores the vocabulary of ballet, which unfolds completely anew based on the electronic pop music by James Blake. Through the freedom of interpretation that Forsythe allows the dancers, the piece appears constantly new, it evolves not only in the repertoire of every ballet ensemble, but also with each performance.

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