A digital scrapbook for Doug Varone

A digital scrapbook for Doug Varone

A digital scrapbook for Doug Varone
Doug Varone and dancers in "The Scrapbook"

NEW YORK Passionate choreographer and director, Doug Varone is going to present a new program online. Conceived as his company Doug Varone and Dancers NYC 2021 digital season, The Scrapbook will be showcased in three episodes during this week, from Monday 19 April to Friday 23 April.

“Our virtual New York Season, The Scrapbook, is the culmination of a project that started with the creation of individual short films for company dancers,” Varone explained. “As the project progressed, the films evolved into an interactive website which weaves the films into one narrative. Even though all the films are greatly varied in their subject matter, they all share the same origins of having been created within this pandemic and reflect upon the importance of discussing, remembering, and sharing stories.”

Indeed, Doug Varone directed the short films, ranging from 2-5 minutes each, via Zoom, with his dancers acting as both cast and crew, setting the scenes, lighting, and cameras, shooting themselves at their own homes and other spaces where they found themselves quarantined. Through a virtual, interactive presentation, a scrapbook shared between two characters guides spectators into dancers' locked-down worlds and beyond. Turning the pages, viewers find letters they exchange, memorabilia from the past and the present, and a parallel narrative of personal stories unfolding in short films set to music of the 40s and 50s.

Much like a mini-series, the films will be released episodically over three nights. With each episode, in addition to watching the films, attendees will be able to navigate the website and discover related information and articles about the specific subjects of the films.

More info to the website: https://www.dovadance.org/





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