Install your own dance hall at home with Floorwings dance floor

Install your own dance hall at home with Floorwings dance floor

Nobody has time to waste, especially a dancer. So why not concentrate on yourself more than ever before with your own dance floor and the most out of it! #stayathome #danceathome #stayhealthy!

Check out Floorwings' special #STAYATHOME #DANCEATHOMESET; floor combinations that are developed especially for professional dance use.

• Do you need just a vinyl floor? Check out Dance at Home Set Standard package: Giant Leap (vinyl floor) & Pikit anti-slip pad combination

• Do you have a hard floor but would like to further enjoy dancing on a suitable “soft floor”? Read more about the Dance at Home Set Comfort combination: Comfort (subfloor) & Giant Leap (vinyl floor) combination

• Do you have a carpet in your home and you can not dance on it? It is not a problem anymore with Dance at Home Set Carpet: Spikes (subfloor) & Giant Leap (vinyl floor) combination

All of the sets come with the best Giant Leap vinyl floor, the perfect vinyl floor for ballet and contemporary dance that you can use in every combination. It offers a higher level of dancing comfort than any other thin covering can provide. The more than 3 mm foam backing offers increased dance comfort. The silk matt surface is extremely robust and non-slip, yet smooth enough to prevent friction burns. You can choose from 5 different colours.

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